Lion of OZ and the Badge of Courage

Lion of OZ and the Badge of CourageThe Lion’s adventure begins at a far away place as a young lion. It tells how he arrived in Oz and then propels him through this fast paced story with new characters and the SillyOZbul.

You’ve got it. This adventure takes you from a lion cub until he meets Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Woodman and Toto on the Yellow Brick Road as the Cowardly Lion.

Hold on for the nostalgia and the surprise ending.

THE LION OF OZ AND THE BADGE OF COURAGE is a masterful Oz adventure typical of Roger S. Baum and his flair for the unexpected.

The story of the Lion of Oz and the Badge of Courage has been released by Sony Wonder as a full-length animated feature, Lion of Oz, available on DVD from Toto Too, Inc. Click here to go to the page describing this video.

This beautiful book contains 247 quality glossy pages in twenty-seven exciting chapters – each chapter begging for more to be read! It features many full-page, richly colored illustrations by Sean Coons.

Lion of OZ and the Badge of CourageLion of OZ and the Badge of Courage


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