Toto In Candy Land Of OZ

Toto In Candy Land Of OZ

Indeed, there is a Candy Land of Oz. Although it is not very well-known, it truly does exist.

Candy Land produces most of the confectionery sweets for the Emerald City shops.

The ruler of Candy Land is “His Highness The Giant Royal Marshmallow.” He has a problem. We’ll see what happens when Dorothy and Toto arrive in this delicious land.

Toto In Candy Land Of OZ is a masterful Oz adventure typical of Roger S. Baum and his flair for the unexpected.

This is a beautiful 32 page book with foil used toToto In Candy Land Of OZ highlight the cover art. There are 12 full page color illustrations with pictures of candy of different shapes and forms spread throughout the pages to delight any Oz fan. A child of 2 1/2 will enjoy the pictures and story. However, based on experience all Oz fans will enjoy this collector’s charming Oz book. It needs to be a part of everyone’s book collection. It features many full-page, richly colored illustrations by Ronit Berkovitz.

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