The Green Star of OZ

The Green Star of Oz is a Special Oz Story that might tug at your heartstrings. (The Tin Woodman told me it could.)

It is for the millions who love Oz. It is for my great-grandfather, L. Frank Baum. (You’ll find out why it is.)

It would be difficult to love Oz after these more than 100 years and not love its author as well.

Of course, it is obvious to millions that his books were written “to gladden the heart” and therefore to entertain. There are no other reasons or messages.

And so to Oz we go, for a visit, with Great-granddad, along with Great-grandmother and the neighborhood children.

A Special Oz Story for you and humbly for him.

Preface – Roger S. BaumThis 98 page, 18 chapter book is printed on quality glossy paper with color and black & white illustrations by Victoria Seitzinger and with text in colored inks. The book is leatherette-bound and features special forward and afterword notes by the author.
The Green Star of OZ   The Green Star of OZ

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