The Wizard Of Oz and the Magic Merry-Go-Round

This is a story about two children who find an old merry-go-round in a junkyard. It appears, at first glance, to be the same one their parents used to ride when they were young. Soon, they discover that it is by traveling with the Wizard of Oz and a special Munchkin to the Emerald City and it becomes extra special when they are able to ride the merry-go-round with their parents. Of course, their grandparents don’t believe them. Their story seems a little too far fetched but, the children prove their point with a surprise ending that will be near and dear to all Oz fans. Indeed, there is a Candy Land of Oz. Although it is not very well-known, it truly does exist.

Candy Land produces most of the confectionery sweets for the Emerald City shops.

The ruler of Candy Land is “His Highness The Giant Royal Marshmallow.” He has a problem. We’ll see what happens when Dorothy and Toto arrive in this delicious land.

Toto Like Toto In Candy Land Of OZ, The Wizard of Oz and the Magic Merry-Go-Round is a masterful Oz adventure typical of Roger S. Baum and his flair for the unexpected.

This is a beautiful 32 page book with foil used to highlight the Wizards jacket and hat on the cover. 12 full color illustrations plus cover. Its illustrator is Victoria Seitzinger who also illustrated The Green Star of Oz. This is an exceptional Oz book and story and by the way, it matches beautifully with the TOTO IN CANDY LAND book. Rarely, in our opinion, will you find such quality as you will find in these books for the price.
The Wizard Of Oz and the Magic Merry-Go-Round   The Wizard Of Oz and the Magic Merry-Go-Round

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